Monday, 30 September 2013

Ready-For-Anything Showcase & Tea Date with SHISEIDO

*Beauty Event Invitation

Hey Dolls! I had the pleasure of being invited to Shiseido Ready-For-Anything Showcase held at Shiseido Tangs Orchard. I was uber excited to be part of Shiseido event! 

The event highlighted the use of Ibuki products for those with a busy lifestyle and makeup to create the perfect look for any occasion. Let's jump right in and find out!


What is Ibuki?
Ibuki is a Japanese word for inner strength - a buried resource that endures tough conditions and emerges beautifully.

Ibuki is the new skincare line of Shiseido. It's perfect for those with hectic schedules and demanding fast-paced lifestyle. Due to these lifestyle, can accelerate signs of skin aging and harmful to your skin. A proper and good skincare routine play a huge part in achieving great skin. It involves 3 mandatory steps : cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face day and night. I understand that sometimes we have no time to take care of our skin. I understand.... I understand...... Sigh.... but hey this is why Shiseido changed skincare for our lifestyle with IBUKI. They offer us solution!

Find out more about Shiseido Ibuki here


Shiseido Ibuki products are nicely displayed with ambient lighting and flowers in the glass cabinet.
Gorgeous way to showcase products and hard to ignore them.


During my visit I received yummy sweet treats-(cheesecakes and chocolate cakes), drinks and enjoyed DJ spun tunes.

The event started with an introduction to the Shiseido Ibuki range and benefits. Great tips shared by 3 Ibuki women on how they get the best of both worlds - a fulfilling life and great skin. A live makeup demonstration was carried out on how to create the perfect look for any occasion by Karen, Shiseido Senior Makeup Trainer.

It was awesome! Simply a great opportunity to learn tips and tricks from the experts.


After the event, I proceeded to Shiseido Ibuki Pop-up Parlour at Tangs Orchard for a personal skin consultation. A Beauty Consultant, Crystal, attended to my enquiries and provided excellent customer service. Crystal is so patient as I showered her with 1001 questions. Hey dolls, I'm not a bad customer or monster alright, just curious to learn more about my face. Oh yeah, we had a nice chat. Overall, I've had a great experience there and learned a lot about my skin resistance, moisture level and products that work for me. I'm telling y'all she's the best. Well, to be honest with y'all, all Shiseido Beauty Consultants are very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I'm happy with their services. Will definitely come back for future purchases.

During the consultation, I received special treats from Shiseido Parlour. Check out the image above. 
Yummy & Beautiful!

I adore their packaging! Look at those boxes. So pretty! 

Fyi, you can call any Shiseido Tangs Counter at 6733 2589, from 20 September to 1 October 2013 for a skin consultation and enjoy Shiseido Parlour's confectioneries.

Okay Dolls, please 'Like' and check out their Facebook for latest happenings.


At the end of the event, all participants received an awesome goodie bag + NYLON Magazine each. Let's put our hands in the air ... & Woot! Woot! 

Okay, let's check out the goodie bag. I received 4-piece Ibuki Ready-For-Anything skincare trial set.
I love trial set because I love to try out samples of products before I decide to purchase full size for myself.

Okay let's do a mini review, shall we?
Shiseido Softening concentrate is a toner and has a gel like feel to it. It is lightweight, non-greasy and non-sticky texture. You only need a small amount and spread all over your face after cleanser. Yes, I love this product and I am gonna get this. It doesn't make me break out.

Eye cream is very important and can't live without it. I have indulged too many late nights, caffeine, lack of sleeps yadda, yadda, yadda.... so definitely I need eye cream in my life. When I first got it, I was like hmmmmm.... okay let's try it out. When I applied under my eyes, I felt the cooling sensation and slightly brightened my eye areas. Hmmmm......

I am probably not the best candidate when it comes to moisturizer. I am guilty of not slapping moisturizer on my face and body. I must confess, I am a lazy person. I believe that oily skin can abstain from using moisturizer. Nope.... oily skin still have to use moisturizer. Okay, from what I learned, Protective Moisturizer SPF 15 is a multi-functional moisturizer that protects skin against environmental aggressions. 

It feels lightweight and easy to blend. Hmmm.... I'm going to slap it on my face every day YO!

Refining Moisturizer Enriched is not for my super oily face. It doesn't clog my pores but my makeup slides off and I have to blot the entire day. Suitable for those with dry skin.

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For more information about Ibuki and other Shiseido Products,

Check out their website :


Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the event with a complimentary Shiseido Products. I am not affiliated with the said brands and not getting paid for this post. Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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