Friday, 17 May 2013

Homemade Makeup : BB Cream

Hey Dolls!
What is BB cream?

BB cream stands for Blemish Balm or Base.  It was created in 1960's by German Dermatologist and to be used by patients after undergoing laser surgery to soothe and conceal post-surgery scars and redness while protecting and healing the skin. It was then introduced and popular in Korea and then spread throughout Asia. I believe BB cream has already made its way to Europe and the United States.

A lot of my Beauty Guru friends have been raving about BB cream and so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Yeap,  I must say that they are super effective but expensive.  Actually, you can make your own BB cream concoction. Trust me, it's super easy! Okay, lemme stop rambling now and show ya'll how to make it.


Things you need :
  1. Measuring spoon
  2. Any empty cosmetic container or jar (to put everthing in)
  3. Any liquid foundation with SPF (use that suitable for your skin type)
  4. Any sunscreen (best if you use sunscreen that have the highest SPF like Sunplay Superblock SPF130 and suitable for your skin type).
  5. Any face primer (Not in the image)
  6. *Serum (Optional)
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  1. The ratio of the of the finished product is 1 : 1 : 0.25 or 1/4 (Light foundation : Lightweight Sunscreen : Face Primer).
  2. Put everything in the cosmetic container or jar and mix all the ingredients until perfectly blended. (*Not too thick and not too runny consistency)
Serum is optional but you can choose to add 2 drops of your favorite serum for an extra hydration boost.

The Result

The finished product in the cosmetic container or jar.  

See swatch below


Apply a few dabs of BB Cream on your face (cheeks, forehead and chin) and pat over entire face.

So Dolls, try this out and let me know how you like it.

Disclaimer: All products Except Sunplay product mentioned were purchased with my money.  I redeemed free sample - Sunplay Superblock from said brand. I am not affiliated with any of the said brands and not getting paid for this post. Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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