Sunday, 30 December 2012

Goodbye 2012 & Hello 2013!

Hello to All My Lovely Friends!

It's the end of December and I achieved what I set out to do.  Last year, I done and gone insane. Alrightey!  I'm all set into the New Year with all expectations, aspirations, plans and anticipations.  Yes, I'm looking forward to a busy year in 2013.  So, let's say Goodbye to 2012 and say H.E.L.L.O to 2013.

Happy New Year!


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Welcome to 'Share the love' Blog Hop #4!

Hey Dolls, I am uber excited to be co-hosting the Share the Love Blog Hop #4 with uber sweet Jane @Northern Beauty Blog.  She is Awesome!  So what are you Dolls waiting for?  Come and join the Hop!  

Welcome to 'Share the love' Blog Hop #4


Blog Hops are a great & fun way to be discovered, meet and gain new followers, and to be inspired by other bloggers. 
This hop will be Open from Tuesday 25th December 2012 for 1 week.

To Join the Hop.

There are a few very simple rules to make the Hop really work for everyone...

1. Please FOLLOW The Hosts & the Co-hosts Blogs.
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2.Hop around 'Share the Love' and be inspired - Go say Hi to at least 3 new bloggers and don't 
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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Photo Diary : December Favorites

OMG!  It's now Mid-December and I can't believe it that how fast time flies. So have you prepared for your New Year Resolutions?  Who, me? Well...ummm... anyhoo yoohoo..... today I wanna share my December favorites with ya'll and will share more favorites over the next month..... Enjoy!

Little Christmas tree Enchanting Carousel Little Christmas tree Mosaic Lipstick - No.4, No.12 & No.5 Little Christmas tree Seafood Pizza-Yum!
Little Christmas tree Yummeh Tomatoes Little Christmas tree Hearty breakfast with my BFF Little Christmas tree Poppin microwave popcorn - butter flavour 
Little Christmas tree Water droplets on leaves

What's your December favorite?


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Recipe: My Favorite Salad

Hey Dolls, today I wanna share my all time favorite salad recipe with ya'll. This colorful salad goes sexy with Beef Stroganoff or Grilled Steak.  My tummy is growling furiously now just thinking about them.  So, throw your aprons on and let's get busy!
Smiley Cooking