Saturday, 28 July 2012

How To: Simple Pearl Bling Headband

Hmmmmm....... do you prefer Blings or Pearls?  Me??  Ahem, I want both! Free AvatarsAlright, alright, I am a Bling Queen.  A very sparkly type person, but I am also a pearl fanatic.  Pearls are timeless and beautiful.  There is something about their classic beauty and sophistication that I find so attractive.  Blings are magnetic, charismatic and so hard to resist.  Whether they are faux or not, when you combine them together, the result is Fabulously Chic, Darrrrling!

I love, love, love everything blinged out.  I bling out anything and everything you could ever possibly imagine.  Bling out accessories is something that will never go out of style and work with every season.  You can always take something plain and boring, bling it out and make it your own.  So here I am going to show y'all on how to bling out your plain headband into something simple and fabulous.

Batting Eyelashes
Let's Bling it On!

Step 1 : Materials

1.   Any plain Headband

2.   Stick-On Rhinestones

3.   Stick-On Pearls

Step 2 : Sticking Process 

Stick the Rhinestones & Pearls like so.

Step 3 : When you are finished sticking

Stroke your fingers gently over the Rhinestones and Pearls to make sure they don't fall, if they do, replace them.

Step 4 : The Result
Girl blowing kiss
Voila!  You are ready to rock with your new headband!


  1. Thats adorable! I'm going to try this, thanks!


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